Rocket Responder makes it EASY – 30 day Free Trial!

FREE 30 Day Trial (no credit card required)!!
Compose | Test | Send!

Compare the Opposition (sending 1 email per day):
Aweber – 10,000 Subscribers $50 << cannot import subscribers!
Getresponse – 10,000 Subscribers $65 << cannot import subscribers!
iContact – 10,000 Subscribers $74 << cannot import subscribers!
MailChimp – 10,000 Subscribers $1200 << cannot import subscribers!

What is Rocket Responder?

Rocket Responder is an AutoResponder!

An AutoResponder allows you to quickly and easily contact your subscribers by email, either directly by instant broadcast, or scheduled with timed follow-up messages!

Why Rocket Responder?

Built from the ground up to meet the ever increasing need for online marketers, and others, to email their contacts with the minimum of fuss.. exactly like an email with no more knowledge needed!

Compose the Heading
Compose the Email
Click ‘Test’ to check everything is correct before sending out!
Click ‘Send’  << Very Easy!

How to add subscribers.. either by inviting them to be added to your Rocket Responder List, or by Importing them from your current autoresponder..
All double optin subscribers are accepted including Getresponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Trafficwave, Mail Chimp etc!

Simple Setup:
With RocketResponder you can get your list and followup series created in just a few minutes with no experience necessary!

Powerful Delivery:
We deliver your emails quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about anything!

See your Subscribers:
We’ll show you their photo and who is opening your emails!

Blog Broadcasts:
Automatically notify your list whenever you update your blog!

Great Deliverability:
Get your emails delivered on time like you expect them to!

Simple Pricing Plan:
$10 for every 10,000 subscribers! That’s it!

Easy Payment with Paypal, Payza and Credit Cards

Refer others to Rocket Responder:
Earn $7 (that’s 70%) the first month.. $2 (20%) each month after!

I personally cancelled my accounts with aweber, getresponse, and trafficwave and moved all my subscribers to Rocket Responder… saving myself over $110 a month in fees.. I could not be happier with the delivery, the simplicity and the support!

Test Rocket Responder FREE for 30 days yourself with NO credit card required!! <<<
Simply Join (banner below), create a list, and start building your list!
You will see how Rocket Responder is easy to use!
After 30 days, when you are 100% satisfied then only $20 per month.. you have nothing to lose!

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged! Cheers!


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  1. Apornpit

    Very interesting,cheap.

  2. Hunter Rodriguez

    Very interesting. Seems like there are copious amounts of value there.

    I’ll keep this in mind for possible use in the future.

  3. Keith Jones

    Al you have done it again. Excellent blog post on RocketResponder. I am a member in your RR downline and can’t wait to set up everything. I see the emails you send out using RR and they are sharp looking. Also, you said it the price is right @ $10.00 can’t beat it.

  4. Michael Juby

    Great Blog Al, I am very interested in changing to Rocket Responder for my email Campaigns. All the best!

  5. Best Program

    Wow…Very Interesting….. (Y)

  6. Best Program

    Very interesting…. very cheap :D

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